Maddala Nagaiah and Tirupathamma’s elder Son Rev. Rajaratnam Maddala. He was born on Feb 20th, 1952 at Tippanagunta Village, Bapulapadu Mandal, and Krishna district by birth he belongs to Hindu background and Hindu traditions and he grown up also in Hindu culture. Their parents are worshipped snake and they believed snake as God that’s why their parents put name Subba Rao, Subba means snake Rao means next bin in Hindu traditions, After marriage his wife Victoriyamma brought to Church and teach the Gospel and shared Lord’s love with him. Then subba Rao heared Lord’s word and immediately he knew as a sinner and confessed his sins in front of God and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, then his name Subba Rao changed as “Rajaratnam”.

Date of Birth = Feb, 20th, 1952
Marriage = June 14th, 1969
Salvation = May 5th, 1982
God’s call = Oct 10th 1984

Blessed with three sons, elder son Yesupadam is died in 1990 but he did not turn back. Second son is Pandu Maddala, Third son is Issac Maddala.