01.Bible College : India theological seminary.


02.Gospel Tract Distribution & Free Bible Distribution for the poor and needy

VBA has been reaching various communities in India through distribution of God's Word. This is one of our key strategies in reaching the lost and building souls in salvation with the true word of God. Our mission through this programme is to advance the Kingdom of God through distribution of Bibles, Scripture materials, tracts and other Christian resources to all so as to get God’s Word into the hands of many people so they may become true and committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Christian literature and Bibles are still very expensive and unaffordable to millions in our country. Millions especially those living in the rural and slum areas where a majority of the poor exist have never had an opportunity to read and own the bible or even hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Each day we go for outreach missions, we come in contact with dozens of these people who are drowning without Christ in their life.

We are freely distributed Bibles, Scripture materials, tracts and other helpful material to the people. These are real needs on the ground confronting us to do this.

Free tracts for Prayerful Distribution in all Indian languages.


03.Pastors and Leadership Conference

To Train pastors to equip their congregations to walk firmly rooted in truth, and to give scriptural answers for their faith.

VBA is committed to training our co-workers to not only bring people to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ but to also make them disciples. Those disciples in turn are encouraged to share the Good News of personal salvation and to connect with churches that will nourish and strengthen them, through pastoral care and spiritual leadership, so that they too will become equipped to make disciples.


04.Believers Retreats

Our main aim through this retreat is to re-treat to find refuge in the Lord, to build fellowship with him and also to have fellowship with other believers.


05.Church Planting

Church planting is a vital part of missionary evangelism. Since we're primarily working in villages and semi-villages without existing Churches, Church planting is our focal point. Currently we are helping native pastors in India plant new Churches by providing them monthly support and by financially assisting them in the construction of Church building.

We believe that every unreached village has the right to a Church that proclaims the Good News of the Gospel until Jesus returns. Our vision is to see a living Church planted in every village, semi-villages and Tribal areas of India where there is no church.


06.Church Constructions

An important part of Church planting effort is to assist native pastors and village Churches in building Worship facilities. Most Churches in Indian villages are made of poor people, usually laborers and farmers, who do not have the means to finance a building project on their own. Many make the decision to follow Jesus Christ and Churches are being established for the growing groups of new believers. Often they gather in homes, and in some cases, under a thatched roof. These Churches are in need of financial assistance for erecting a simple prayer hall for the purpose of Sunday worship and weekly meetings.


07.Evangelistic Crusades

VBA conducts several open air meetings, public conventions and crusades to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, in both cities and villages in different parts of India.


08.Youth and Children seminars

As we seek to invest in the next generation of leaders, we see training them in the knowledge of the word as being central. All our Youth and children’s ministries seek to instill God’s truth in the lives of our children.

Sunday school Classes: Sunday school classes and children’s church are available as a teaching resource for parents on Sunday mornings. Classes are available on Sunday morning at 9:00 for children ages 4 and up.


09.Medical Ministry

Our Medical team of Christian Doctors, nurses, and many other volunteers that minister to the physical & spiritual needs of children & adults in India.

We provide opportunities for Christian medical professionals & other volunteers to experience missions’ first-hand. Please consider supporting our efforts and join our team, through financial support, through prayer, and/or participating in a mission trip.


10.Television Program

VBA has been reaching millions of people in Andhra Pradesh for over 60 years. Television has now become an accepted medium used to proclaim the message of Christ. “Good News Channel “, is a privately held TV channel that was launched to spread the Gospel in Andhra Pradesh.

TV and has telecast a program called “Blood of Jesus ” – which airs Dr.Pandu Maddala preaching every Sunday morning (08.00 – 08.30 am India time) Check out the Good News program guide.

The Good News TV broadcast is available to 80 million people in India and has recently been aired all india. The audiences are able to watch, write, call or share their personal prayer requests and praises with VBA.

11.Persecution and Disaster Relief

Christians are a small minority in India and there are times when our brothers and sisters are persecuted for their faith. They’ve been threatened, frightened, beaten had their property burned or stolen yet they persevere. Is our duty to respond to their needs and we do.

India is a huge country about one third the size of the United States. The ministry covers all but one state in India and three neighboring countries.

Disaster and persecutions are part of life in India. Aid doesn’t come as fast as in other parts of the world especially the United States. When our brothers and sisters are suffering we do all that we possibly can to help them — whether the cause is flooding, Typhoon, earthquake, tsunami or other types of natural disaster.

During disasters, we also help those who are in need and make sure to give them the gospel at the same time.